Free Speech and Religion

But What if They Preach? A Guide for Funding Faith-Inspired Grantees with Boundaries and Integrity

August 30, 2021  • Religion & Society Program

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Religion in America is often a touchy, difficult subject with good reason; it is a minefield studded with our personal and collective hurts. But it is also a deep well-spring of American social capital and has incredible power to do good in the world. Because of the first reality, philanthropic institutions often overlook the second reality.

As part of The Program’s work to galvanize philanthropic commitment with religious pluralism, we offer this brief guide for funders on how to partner with faith-inspired grantees with clear boundaries and integrity. It is designed for both funders new to the space, and those who would like to improve their working relationships with current faith-inspired grantees. We hope that this guide might provide new tools to funders and encourage them to consider more faith-inspired organizations as potential partners.

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But what if they preach? Is a question that many funders are unsure of how to navigate. This @AspenReligion guide by @akralph18 seeks to provide funders with tools to fund more faith-inspired organizations. #InclusiveAmerica

With the support of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, @AspenReligion has published a guide for funding faith-inspired grantees. Read the report authored by @akralph18 here: #PoweringPluralism #InclusiveAmerica