Free Speech and Religion

Christian-Muslim Relations in a Tribalized America: Strategies for Healing

September 13, 2021  • Asma Uddin & Religion & Society Program

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Based on findings in her book, The Politics of Vulnerability, Religion & Society Fellow for Religious Freedom Asma Uddin outlines strategies for healing to combat hostility and distrust between Evangelicals and Muslims in her new framework. In common with her book, Uddin highlights the issue of religious freedom as potential common ground to begin these discussions.

In this framework, Uddin proposes small group discussions that guide participants through self-affirmation, build tolerance and empathy, identify shared superordinate goals of religious freedom, and finally unsort themselves by complexifying stereotypes and finding surprising points of convergence related to religion and religious freedom. These activities are flexible and able to adjust based on participant reactions and engagement, backed by resources and concrete examples of the real life impact of division.

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@asmauddinesq’s new framework with @AspenReligion provides a roadmap for small group conversations and resources to overcome hostility and distrust between evangelical and Muslims communities. Read and use it in your own community here: #InclusiveAmerica

Building on her book, #PoliticsofVulnerability, @asmauddinesq has produced a framework to guide bridge building conversations between evangelicals and Muslims. Read more from Asama and @AspenReligion