Tech Accountability Coalition

The time for collective action across the tech industry is now

Throughout 2022, the Coalition held conversations with over 100 tech leaders, experts, and community advocates. 

Their message was clear:

The industry needs a shared set of standards to turn aspirational diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments into transformative action.

Cover of "Unbias the Future: An Equity Framework." It includes the Tech Accountability Coalition's brand mark: three colorful and translucent triangles overlap to create new shapes and shades.

In response to that need, the Coalition developed the Equity Framework, common sense standards for how the industry defines terms, collects data, and shares progress made.

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If you want to advance innovation that serves all, lip service commitments to diversity won’t cut it. 

We need a shift in the technology industry that puts justice at the center. That’s the goal of the Tech Accountability Coalition.


Built Together

This initiative is co-created in partnership with tech companies, trusted organizations from underrepresented communities, and academic institutions.  

Built for Equity

Our approach lays the foundation for a standardized comparison of progress toward diversity, equity, and inclusion across the industry.

Built for the Future

Going forward, we’ll publicly release key insights to improve transparency and trust in tech, to help the industry consistently hold itself accountable to the highest standards of inclusion, and to offer a model for others to follow.

Our story is just beginning. 

In October 2021, the ACT Report was published to provide a roadmap to transformation, calling on tech to align on a framework for accountability, built on clear, measurable, and actionable standards.

Inspired by that report, the Tech Accountability Coalition was born in March 2022 – from the passionate belief that tech’s systemic inequity can be course-corrected by systemic action. And that together we can make justice-based innovation the industry norm.

Cover of "The ACT Report: Action to Catalyze Tech, A Paradigm Shift for DEI" by the Catalyze Tech Working Group. Cover portrays the letters A – C – T overlap each other in a large semitransparent font. Each letter is a different color.


The Tech Accountability Coalition is being incubated with Aspen Digital, a future-focused policy program of the Aspen Institute. Learn more at