Tech Accountability Coalition

In October, 2021, The ACT Report was published to provide a roadmap to transformation, calling on tech to align on a framework for accountability, built on clear, measurable, and actionable standards.

An outgrowth of the report, the Tech Accountability Coalition was created in March, 2022 – from the belief that tech’s systemic inequity can best be course-corrected through systemic action. And that together we can make equitable and  inclusive innovation, driven by a diverse workforce, the industry norm.

Cover of "The ACT Report: Action to Catalyze Tech, A Paradigm Shift for DEI" by the Catalyze Tech Working Group. Cover portrays the letters A – C – T overlap each other in a large semitransparent font. Each letter is a different color.


The Tech Accountability Coalition was co-created in partnership with tech companies, trusted organizations from underrepresented communities in tech, academic institutions, and think tanks. The Coalition’s underlying remit is to track, measure, and accelerate DEI at an industry level by holding tech companies accountable to their DEI commitments, and to build upon the collective action. Over time, we will release key insights to improve transparency and accountability in tech, as well as unify collective goals, providing a model for others to follow. 

Equity Framework

Throughout 2022, the Coalition held conversations with over 100 tech leaders, experts, and community advocates. Their message was clear: 

The industry needs a shared set of standards to turn aspiration diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments into transformative action. In response to that, the Coalition developed the Equity Framework, common sense standards for how the industry defines terms, collects data, and shares progress made.

Cover of "Unbias the Future: An Equity Framework." It includes the Tech Accountability Coalition's brand mark: three colorful and translucent triangles overlap to create new shapes and shades.

explore equity framework

Fall Convening, October 23-25

Los Angeles, CA

A photo of the eight people who organized the Coalition's fall convening.

The Coalition’s Fall Convening brought together over two hundred tech executives, community leaders, academics, and product equity experts for an enlightening three days of networking opportunities, thought-provoking presentations, dynamic panel discussions, and collaborative working groups sessions. 

Hosted at Google and Snap. Inc, the event coincided with Snap Inc.’s Annual DEI Innovation Summit. The event was especially noteworthy for its focus on cross-functional work, bringing together tech industry leaders and non-tech advocates to tackle common DEI challenges and help develop practical solutions. The Coalition team curated cutting-edge panel discussions that delved into the intersection of technology and civil rights and the ethical implications of AI and delivered unique insights from TGNC communities and tech experts on building affirmative cultures in tech, incorporating accessibility into product development, and creating pathways for the next generation of tech leaders. 

North Star Award for Tech Equity

A photo of Shijuade Kadree and Oona King.

Shijuade Kadree, Director, Tech Accountability Coalition and Oona King, VP of IDEA, Snap Inc.

In a momentous ceremony following Day 1 of the Fall Convening, Oona King, VP of IDEA at Snap Inc. was recognized for her exemplary and fearless leadership in her efforts for advancing tech equity. Oona King co-authored the Action to Cataylze Tech (ACT) Report which provided a comprehensive framework for how the tech industry can improve DEI within their organizations and called for the accountability mechanism that is today’s Coalition.

A photo of four members of the Deloitte team.

Deloitte team

Deloitte was also honored for their contributions in creating a blueprint and roadmap for the Coalition’s success in 2024. 

The North Star Award is a testament to the hard work by both recipients who have worked tirelessly to make the tech industry more collaborative, equitable, and inclusive for all.