Unbias the Future: An Equity Framework

March 28, 2023  • Aspen Digital

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The time for collective action across the tech industry is now. 

Throughout 2022, the Tech Accountability Coalition held conversations with over 100 tech leaders, experts, and community advocates. Their message was clear: the industry needs a shared set of standards to turn aspirational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments into transformative action – action that sparks the innovation needed for a better future.

In response to that need, we developed the Equity Framework. This resource lays out common sense standards for how the industry defines terms, collects data, and shares progress. It’s an externally validated response to questions about the state of DEI in tech, and a practical roadmap for industry-wide improvement.

The Tech Accountability Coalition is being incubated with Aspen Digital, a future-focused policy program of the Aspen Institute. Learn more at