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Issue Brief: Work-and-Learn Models for Today’s Economy

March 28, 2023  • Haley Glover

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Apprenticeships and structured work-and-learn programs, once focused primarily on younger people in particular careers, are valid options for adults and those with adult responsibilities who want or need to work while gaining their education. A new generation of these models is emerging, focusing more deeply on expanding talent pipelines, creating pathways into different industries, and offering the benefits of apprenticeship and work-and-learn models to populations that have previously been marginalized from both work and learning. 

This brief describes several company-led models, reaching new populations and creating meaningful opportunities for both learning workers and businesses to succeed. 


“We used to post and pray.” In this brief by @upskillamerica, learn about how work-and-learn approaches take the guesswork out of talent pipeline development.

Research has shown time and time again that companies with more diverse workforces are more resilient, creative, and profitable. Learn more from @upskillamerica.

Apprenticeships and work-and-learn programs solve problems by merging systems that have had difficulty aligning in recent years, creating legitimate career pathways for people who may be marginalized from good jobs and high-quality education.

Company-led work-and-learn models and apprenticeships, once focused on younger people, are emerging as options for adults who want to work while gaining their education. Learn more from @upskillamerica.

This brief by @upskillamerica describes several company-led work-and-learn programs, which reach new populations and create meaningful opportunities for both workers and businesses to succeed.

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