Equity Framework

Throughout 2022, the Coalition held conversations with over 100 tech leaders, experts, and community advocates. Their message was clear:

The industry needs a shared set of standards to turn aspiration of diversity, equity, and inclusion commitments into transformative action. In response, the Coalition developed the Equity Framework, which are common sense standards for how the industry defines terms, collects data, and shares progress made on representation.

Cover of "Unbias the Future: An Equity Framework." It includes the Tech Accountability Coalition's brand mark: three colorful and translucent triangles overlap to create new shapes and shades.

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Demographic Data Analysis

With the support of a data analytics vendor, eqtble, the Coalition has established a data portal and used workforce data from member companies to provide increased transparency of who really works in tech. These initial comparative analysis efforts will lead to the public release of an industry-wide DEI benchmark to be released in 2024. This analytics effort reinforces a commitment to inclusive standards and setting an example for others.