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Case Study: Next Generation Apprenticeships at Aon

February 7, 2023  • Nichola Lowe & Haley Glover

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Aon’s apprenticeship program has drawn widespread attention for a reason. It works.

Since inception in the US in 2017, the firm has supported nearly 300 apprentices. Within the Chicagoland cohorts, Aon reports an apprenticeship completion rate of more than 80%. Successful completion requires that students meet performance standards for both work-based learning and academic program requirements. The program is intentionally inclusive, supporting apprentices of color, women, and first-generation students as they move into good jobs. Students graduate from their programs debt-free, as Aon covers all costs of attendance at partner colleges. Aon also pays salary and benefits for apprentices, with starting salaries of $42,000-46,000 depending on location.

Upon completion of the program, apprentice graduates are offered full-time employment and work in many departments, including insurance, IT, and human resources, and enter those roles as experienced, valued colleagues who earn competitive wages with exceptional benefits packages.


.@Aon_plc’s #apprenticeship program is creating pathways to great jobs for hundreds of working learners. Learn more in this case study by @upskillamerica.

Learn more about @Aon_plc’s innovative, intentional approach to creating career paths for apprentices. Check out this case study by @upskillamerica.

With a successful completion rate of more than 80%, @Aon_plc’s #apprenticeship works. Learn more from @upskillamerica.

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