Climate Change

Climate Change and National Security: How Can Public Policy Change the World?

July 10, 2019  • University of Chicago 2019 Inter-Policy School Summit Graduate Students

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The Aspen Institute partnered with the University of Chicago’s Inter-Policy School Summit on March 1-3, 2019, to host 40 graduate students from around the world to explore and consider the intersection between Climate Change and National Security, a topic that will come to play an increasingly important role in the policy realm for decades to come. The participants were asked to research various topics within the larger theme and write white papers proposing rigorous and tangible solutions for the quaternary effects of climate change, especially when they pertain to national security.

The students broke into seven groups, writing white papers on the following topics:

  • Agriculture
  • Migration
  • Conflict
  • Energy
  • Human Health
  • Labor
  • Coasts

The following document represents the students conclusions and recommendations.