Building a Global Network for Community Science – Report

October 22, 2021  • Deena Weisberg, Ph.D., Michael Weisberg, Ph.D., Aaron F. Mertz, Ph.D. & Katherine Aid

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Our world faces climate change, species endangerment, and the destruction of natural resources and Indigenous knowledge systems across the globe. While professional scientists are working in traditional spheres to address these ruptures to the human and natural worlds, community science provides a complementary and novel approach to environmental problems. To find out how community and professional scientists can work together to initiate, carry out, and sustain their research, Villanova University, the University of Pennsylvania & Perry World House, and the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program convened a two-day virtual workshop May 24–25, 2021. These proceedings introduce the workshop, report on the presentations and discussions, and conclude with a summary of common challenges and questions that can unite community science projects in carrying their work forward.

This workshop and report were supported by the Rita Allen Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.