Constructing Possible Futures

June 7, 2023  • Aspen Digital

ai-report-coverFrom Spring 2022 to Spring 2023, Aspen Digital, with support from Autodesk, assembled our first Foresight Group. The Group is a diverse assembly of experts with a mandate to look 20 years into the future, exploring major shifts and trends that will re-shape our world. Although Aspen Digital has employed foresight techniques in work that spans from cybersecurity to disinformation, to help leaders imagine and prepare for possible futures, the Foresight Group was an opportunity to engage in this practice with a longer time horizon: 20 years. This timescale offered an incredible opportunity to delve into topics in an entirely different light, pushing beyond what might seem like obvious causes and effects to explore second- and third-order effects and interactions among multiple changes.

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