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Employer Engagement in Learning and Employment Records

August 30, 2023  • Haley Glover

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There are significant obstacles between current Learning and Employment Record (LER) design strategies and broad adoption by employers, and similar barriers exist in work to communicate with, for, and about the employer’s stake in this work. As employers continue to face hurdles in identifying and hiring qualified talent, the potential for skill- and competency-based digital credentials is likely to grow.

This report, based on a deep review and analysis of existing literature on the topics of digital credentials and LERs, complemented by interviews with experts and program leaders, provides a current state assessment of how employers are learning about and being engaged in these efforts. It also describes some emerging messages, themes, and tactics that show promise in building employer awareness, understanding, and ultimately adoption of LERs, digital credentials, and verified skills.

We outline the current state of content about LERs directed to employers and look at how both the benefits and challenges of LERs are discussed for employers, as well as opportunities to frame the work around LERs differently to motivate employer engagement and begin moving the needle on employer engagement around LERs.

This paper is the first in a series of publications focusing on issues of effective employer communication and engagement.

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