Generative AI Regulation and Cybersecurity

January 16, 2024  • Aspen Digital

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As organizations and individuals entrust more and more sensitive data to digital systems, the stakes of getting cybersecurity right have never been higher. Cyberattacks are a daily occurrence and threaten financial stability, national security, and public safety.

The regulatory actions around artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that governments and organizations take today will lay the foundation that determines who benefits more from this emerging capability – attackers or defenders. Although AI and cybersecurity are cross-cutting and global issues, the development of these governance principles and frameworks must also take into consideration local historical, cultural, and political contexts.

In its inaugural publication, the Aspen Institute’s Global Cybersecurity Group lays out a range of current policy making efforts in this space and provides recommendations and caveats for governments to consider as they grapple with generative AI’s risks and opportunities for cybersecurity.