Leading the Pack, On Par or Shaky?: Benchmarking Loan Program Performance

September 1, 2012  • Luz Gomez, Joyce Klein &

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One of the hallmarks of a high-performing organization – in the microenterprise or other fields – is that its decision-making is informed by data. When deciding how to best allocate resources dedicated to lending, data that describe how an organization’s microenterprise lending activity compares to that of others in the field are a useful tool for management and board members. Answers to questions such as the following can help leaders make better decisions about how to focus money, talent, and other resources:

  • Are you on par with lenders working in similar markets in terms of the number of loans made?
  • Are your loans performing better or worse?
  • Are you more or less efficient than other microlenders?
  • How does your ability to recoup your lending costs compare to peer organizations?

MicroTracker.org provides data that can enable your organization to address these questions, comparing your microlending activities to those of the industry as a whole, as well as to key peer groups or organizations. Specifically, the microTracker site enables you to benchmark your organization to other lenders using the following key indicators, as well as many others.