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New Pathways at Intuit

August 9, 2023  • Haley Glover

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Diversity within a workforce is vital to a company’s competitiveness, contributing to increased creativity, better problem-solving capacity, and worker satisfaction. But in spite of this evidence, tech jobs are unevenly distributed, with women and people of color being significantly underrepresented. In 2019, Intuit — the financial technology platform behind TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp — established goals to diversify its talent pool, and so far, it has made significant strides toward that end. By 2022, female representation in tech roles had increased by 6 percentage points to 33%, and Black, Latino, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native representation had increased by 6 percentage points to 13%. A portion of these positive outcomes can be attributed to an innovative new program that Intuit launched in partnership with AnitaB.org, a nonprofit organization devoted to advancing women and nonbinary people in tech through professional development, training, mentorship, and community, and through generating culture and practice change in the tech industry. This case study shares the story of the Intuit Career Pathways Program.


Embracing and fostering #Diversity and #Inclusion brings business benefits and worker satisfaction. “This is who we are as a company — DEI is built into our DNA,” says Tracy Stone, director of DEI @Intuit.

.@Intuit, the financial services software giant behind  TurboTax and more, adopted “True North” goals to guide the company’s internal and external strategies: 37% women in tech roles and 18% BIPOC representation by FY2024.

The Apprenticeship Pathway Program is a collaboration between @Anita_B and @Intuit that works to increase #upskilling opportunities for underrepresented individuals in tech jobs.

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