Workforce Development

Portable Benefits in the 21st Century

June 16, 2016  • Future of Work Initiative, David Rolf, Shelby Clark & Corrie Watterson Bryant

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The way we work is changing in the 21st century. More people are working as independent contractors or participating in the gig economy than ever before. With a rising number of Americans deriving significant portions their income through work outside of the traditional firm, our society is faced with a new challenge: finding new ways to allocate benefits that are traditionally administered in the workplace.

This paper explores potential systems of benefit allocation, including portable, pro-rated, and universal benefits, any of which could be applied to independent contractors. It also outlines specific benefit plans, including multiemployer plans, the Black Car Fund, the Ghent system, group insurance, and Securechoice retirement plans.

Read Shelby Clark’s synopsis of their paper here.