Power & Progress in Algorithmic Bias

July 15, 2021  • Aspen Digital & Kristine Gloria

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Algorithmic bias is — at its core — about power. It is the literal codification of what knowledge, which values, and whose truth is most valued. It calls into question: who has the authority and privilege to designate pieces of knowledge; whose narrative is left out; and to what extent are these human decisions embedded across various technical systems?

The entities and institutions that gather and sell personal data hold the primary obligations to keep that data secure, use it fairly, and address any inequities. To better understand the impact of algorithmic bias, Aspen Digital has launched Data Stewardship for Good. Applying a values-based lens focused on fairness, accountability, and transparency, our North Star throughout this process has been the question:

“How can data and algorithmic operators recast our own models to forecast a different future, one that centers on the needs of the most vulnerable people?”