Principled Governance of Shale Resources

May 8, 2019  • Energy and Environment Program

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Across the US there are a wide variety of opportunities to produce oil and natural gas. These opportunities have been greatly enhanced in recent years with the advent of directional drilling technology combined with hydraulic fracturing completion techniques, which have expanded the economically recoverable oil and natural gas reserves from shale resources. At the same time, the development and production of shale resources have posed real challenges and potential risks to public health and the environment. Considering both the benefits and the potential risks, every state must decide whether new oil and natural gas production should occur. 

Principled Governance of Shale Resources articulates the findings and recommendations expressed over a three-part dialogue series. The major outputs of the Dialogue include findings, action-oriented recommendations, and a principles based governance framework. Together these outputs seek to clarify and improve the current regulatory context for anticipating and managing risk in the governance of shale gas and oil resource development. More information can be found here.