Workforce Development

Project QUEST: A Case Study of a Sectoral Employment Development Approach

August 1, 2001  • Ida Rademacher, Maureen Conway & Marshall Bear

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This case study provides a detailed account of Project QUEST, a workforce development program in San Antonio, Texas that works closely with industry and community partners to create training and career opportunities that help low-income people move out of poverty. Project QUEST is unique among the programs participating in the SEDLP in that it operates in multiple industry sectors within San Antonio’s economy. The study describes the benefits and challenges of undertaking a multi-sector strategy. Also of interest is the way that Project QUEST has worked with the community college system to leverage the city’s existing training infrastructure to accomplish its mission. This publication is part of the Sectoral Case Study Series, which offers an in-depth look at six sectoral employment programs and how they impact both clients and the industry in which they operate.