Workforce Development

The Power of Pell

February 13, 2016  • Workforce Strategies Initiative & Achieving the Dream

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In response to declining public funding for noncredit workforce programs, Mott Community College took the unusual step of awarding Pell “Clock Hour” grants to students in two noncredit health care certificate programs. These Pell “Clock Hour” grants allowed unemployed workers to continue to re-train for new health care careers at no cost. While the College succeeded in leveraging substantial Pell funds, this strategy also has begun to bridge the institutional divide between the college’s credit and noncredit departments. Mott Community College’s experience in gaining Pell Grant eligibility for noncredit programs can provide a basic roadmap to help other colleges develop more sustainable noncredit training programs in full compliance with federal requirements, and increase access and success for traditionally underserved students.

Workforce Development
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