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Rapid Technological Change and Its Impact on U.S. National Security Strategy

October 18, 2023  • Aspen Strategy Group

The Aspen Strategy Group (ASG) is proud to publish reflections from this year’s ASG Summer Workshop titled Rapid Technological Change and Its Impact on U.S. National Security Strategy. Our authors’ pieces examine the twenty-first century battlefield and devise a corresponding forward-looking U.S. defense strategy to face these realities.

We are pleased to share this collection of original essays, as well as a number of related pieces on the workshop themes that were published by our meeting participants in external outlets following our sessions. We would like to thank Elizabeth M. Allen, Jeff Alstott, Douglas A. Beck, Christian BroseJoe Byers, Michael J. Green, Bonnie Denise Jenkins, Gary Marcus, Jason Matheny, Shivshankar Menon, Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Eileen O’Connor, L. Rafael Reif, and Open to Debate for contributing to this effort.

Table of Contents

Essay 1
Public Diplomacy and the Information Space Today: A Strategic Approach
Elizabeth M. Allen

Essay 2
Undersea, Under Contest
Joe Byers

Essay 3
Allies and Partners in the Indo-Pacific: Emerging Technology as a Disruptor and Enabler
Michael J. Green

Essay 4
Revitalizing Arms Control
Bonnie Denise Jenkins

Essay 5
Stability in Maritime Asia
Shivshankar Menon

Essay 6
The Promise of Technology: Progress or Problems
Eileen O’Connor

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In order to maximize the impact of our discussions and reach a broader audience, some of the participants from this year’s meeting published pieces in external outlets to amplify the key ideas discussed. Their commentary is featured below.

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Douglas A. Beck • February 7, 2024 • Center for a New American Security

Preparing the Federal Response to Advanced Technologies
Jeff Alstott  • September 19, 2023 • U.S. Senate Testimony

Moneyball Military: An Affordable, Achievable, and Capable Alternative to Deter China
Christian Brose • September 28, 2023 • The Hoover Institution

What if Generative AI Turned Out to Be a Dud?
Gary Marcus • August 12, 2023

Here’s a Simple Way to Regulate Powerful AI Models
Jason Matheny • August 16, 2023 • The Washington Post

Not Destined for War
Joseph S. Nye, Jr. • October 2, 2023 • Project Syndicate

Congress Must Secure an American Manufacturing Base for Vital Tech
Rafael Reif • September 9, 2023 • The Hill

Should Ukraine Get Russia’s Frozen Assets?
Open to Debate • Featuring Lawrence H. Summers and Benn Steil • September 19, 2023