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Room for Growth: A Survey of UpSkilling Approaches

March 12, 2024  • Haley Glover & Kevin Martin

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A culture of continuous learning is a signature trait of high-performance organizations. Frontline employees are increasingly seeking opportunities for growth and advancement, and employers spend billions on education and training each year. But the average half-life of skills is now less than five years, and many companies express concerns about their ability to prepare their workforce for the future.

UpSkill America partnered with i4cp to bring clarity and direction to this topic. In fall 2023, we surveyed hundreds of employers across the US to understand the state of employer-supported education and the key practices being developed in the field. We asked questions in three big areas of employer upskilling work — internal formal education and training, apprenticeship/work-and-learn, and tuition assistance — to learn how employers are investing in talent development.

In this paper, we start to paint a research-backed picture of employer motivations, design decisions, and upskilling approaches as they stand today, followed by ideas and recommendations for improving upskilling in America.

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