“We Are the Calvary” | Bill Bynum on Committing to Changemaking

August 23, 2023  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

“Your leadership and your commitment is more important than ever. The future is in your hands, the future is in our hands. It’s not in the hands of the politicians or companies. The calvary is not coming over the horizon to save us. You are the calvary. The calvary is us folks.”

– Bill Bynum, Henry Crown Fellow, Founder & CEO, HOPE

Over the course of nearly three decades in his association with the Aspen Institute, both as a distinguished Henry Crown Fellow, recipient of the 2013 McNulty Prize and his role as an esteemed Aspen Institute Trustee, Bill Bynum has left an indelible mark in the world of business and philanthropy. In this plenary session, Bill reflects on his rich journey as an Aspen Fellow and the CEO of Hope while employing wisdom from Martin Luther King Jr.’s book “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?”