Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Poverty by Empowering Millions of Young People in Central America with Glasswing International

August 22, 2022  • Aspen Global Leadership Network


For 13 years, sister and brother Celina and Diego De Sola have fought the cycle of violence and poverty in Central America through education and health programs that empower youth and communities with Glasswing International. The seeds of Glasswing were planted at the beginning of Diego’s Fellowship experience as a part of the inaugural class of Central America Leadership Initiative. 

“In my Fellowship… I discovered perspective. I discovered agency. I realized that if I didn’t hold myself accountable to what I could do and I didn’t take stock of the power I had… then I would complicit in inequity and the injustice.” Diego De Sola, Central America Leadership Initiative Fellow, Co-Founder, Glasswing International 

Through grassroots, evidence-based programming and cross-sector alliances, Glasswing creates opportunities for children and youth – local changemakers – to thrive. With the support of thousands of volunteers, they provide youth access to safe spaces, social and emotional skills development, and vocational opportunities in order to build resilience, and foster civic participation. 

“We started Glasswing with a vision where every kid has a chance… Hope and aspirations lead to agency. Idealism leads to action.” – Celina De Sola, Co-Founder, Glasswing International

Now, they’ve reached millions of young people with their efforts. Glasswing has also been recognized by the Skoll Foundation as a Skoll Awardee for Social Innovation and was named a John P. McNulty Prize Laureate for their bold leadership.

Celina and Diego shared the story behind their work and more on their impact to date at the 2022 Resnick Aspen Action Forum. Watch to learn more.

Glasswing International was founded in 2007 by sister and brother Celina and Diego De Sola and Celina’s husband Ken Baker in El Salvador.