Criminal Law and Justice

Building Careers After Incarceration

June 30, 2022  • Aspen Digital

People exiting incarceration often struggle to find a job—and the idea of a full-fledged career is almost beyond conceiving. But through private and public partnerships, formerly incarcerated individuals are provided with professional development in leadership, entrepreneurship, and technological skills. Small scale successes show the promise of pre-release interventions, and the benefit of breaking the stigma of a criminal record.

  • Marcus Bullock, CEO and Founder, Flikshop; CEO, Perspectives Premier Contractors
  • Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder and CEO, Slack; Co-Founder, Flickr
  • Alyssa Lovegrove, Academic Director, Georgetown Pivot Program; Entrepreneurship Professor, Georgetown University
  • Moderated by Andrew Ross Sorkin, Co-Anchor, “Squawk Box,” CNBC; Financial Columnist, The New York Times; Founder and Editor at Large, DealBook

To learn more about the challenges facing returning citizens entering the workforce, check out Rework Reentry, a project of Aspen Digital, the Aspen Criminal Justice Reform Initiative, and Slack.

This conversation was part of the 2022 Aspen Ideas Festival.