US Education Policy

Checking In on Climate Webinar

October 21, 2020  • Education and Society Program

Join school leaders, system leaders, and experts from the field in a discussion about how school leaders can use climate data to increase student agency and equity, even in virtual schooling. Aspen Education recently released resources and strategies in Coming Back to Climate. In this webinar, representatives from Cleveland Metropolitan School, DC Public Schools, and Transforming Education will share how they’re putting climate data to use this fall. During the pandemic and after, through intense national conversations about racial equity, it’s critical that leaders check on school climate and how students experience school. The panel will explore how schools can integrate tactics into existing improvement routines, how student voice becomes a force for equity and improvement, and advice about where leaders should start when faced with too much—or too little—data on climate.


  • Eugene Pinkard, Director, Practice & Leadership, Aspen Education & Society Program
  • Nadine Smith, Principal of Dunbar High School, DC Public Schools
  • Valentina Moxon, Chief Academic Officer, Cleveland Metropolitan Schools
  • Sara Krachman, Founder & Executive Director, Transforming Education