Courage in Action: The John P. McNulty Prize

August 3, 2022  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

The John P. McNulty Prize celebrates individuals who answered a call in their own lives to consciously turn their talents and resources to creating change. We heard from the three winners of the 2022 Prize on how they’re leading to end malnutrition, spearheading the movement for guaranteed income projects, and providing essential clean water access. Watch clips from the plenary Courage in Action: The John P. McNulty Prize.

Trust: What Anti-Poverty Programs Need | Magnolia Mother’s Trust, Aisha Nyandoro, Ascend Fellow (6 Minutes)

Nourishing the World’s Children | Edesia & Navyn Salem, Henry Crown Fellow (6 Minutes)

Making Water Renewable for Communities | SOURCE Global & Cody Friesen, Henry Crown Fellow (6 Minutes)


Panel with 2022 Winners on their galvanizing moments, defying conventional wisdom, and advice to overcome paralysis and move to action (16 Minutes)