Disinformation, Technology & Polarization

June 3, 2021  • Aspen Digital

Disinfo Discussions: Bruce Mehlman

Bruce Mehlman is the founder of the bipartisan government relations firm Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas. He previously held the post of Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy in the second Bush Administration and currently serves as Executive Director of the Technology CEO Council and as Co-Chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance. He spoke on the role technology plays in a polarized political landscape with Garrett Graff, the director for cyber initiatives for the Aspen Digital program.

This session is part of a series of expert briefings hosted in tandem with our Commission on Information Disorder to help make sense of the various facets of the information crisis. “Disinfo Discussions” is designed as a resource for the commissioners as well as the broader public. To learn more about the Commission, visit, and follow¬†us on Twitter at @AspenDigital.