Simulation – Elevated Cybersecurity Risks: Practical Guidance for Small & Medium-sized Organizations

March 8, 2022  • Aspen Digital

With geopolitical tensions on the rise, there is a renewed threat of cyberattacks, including ransomware and other threats. While preparing for such attacks is costly and time consuming, there are steps that small and medium-sized organizations can take now to help prepare themselves to respond to a potential attack or disruption. 

The Aspen Institute, with the participation of PwC, is hosting an exercise offering executive, legal, and CISO-perspectives on what organizations should know and think about during a ransomware attack. Panelists will walk through a scenario and provide actionable insights based on their expertise.

We are joined by:

  • Keynote by Brandon Wales, Executive Director, CISA 
  • John Boles, Principal, Cyber, Risk & Regulatory, PwC US
  • Noopur Davis, CISO, Comcast
  • Sean Joyce, Global and US Cyber, Risk and Regulatory Leader, PwC; Former Deputy Director, FBI
  • Jim Sfekas, Senior Corporate Counsel for Cybersecurity, Microsoft
  • Facilitated by Chris Krebs, Former Director, CISA; Senior Newmark Fellow in Cybersecurity Policy, Aspen Digital


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