Embracing Tensions to Build Strong Institutions: Dan Porterfield at the 2022 Resnick Aspen Action Forum

August 3, 2022  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

“We can actually embrace the tensions that come from being an institution with so much capacity and then find the frameworks, like this [Action Forum] where people from different schools of thought with different methodologies for change come together and say, ‘I want to not only pursue my way of working but learn your way of working. I want to not only commit to my view ideologically of how the world is structured, but better understand your view.‘” – Dan Porterfield, CEO & President, Aspen Institute

In his keynote address at the Action Forum, Dan Porterfield, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, highlighted the need for institutions to foster trust by working through essential tensions – from resolving short term versus long term problems to the balance between values-based leadership and systems change. Dan also recognized that through dialogue and action, a staple of the Aspen Institute’s method of leadership development, there is greater connectedness and solidarity that presents a key opportunity moving forward.