The Environment

Fellow Commitment: Sustainable Gatherings

August 23, 2023  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

Gathering costs this planet… but we must gather together in this Sacred Space because our stories are necessary”

– James Abraham, Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellow, Founder, Mynzo Carbon,

In a world where the urgency of environmental stewardship has reached a critical point, individuals and organizations are rising to the challenge with innovative approaches and resolute commitments. Among those leading the charge within the AGLN Fellowship community is James Abraham, Founder, Mynzo Carbon, whose pledge at the Action Forum unveiled a multi-faceted strategy aimed at fostering sustainability, responsibility, and a profound reconnection with our planet, even as we gather together as leaders to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. 

With a vision geared towards the future, he articulated his dedication to the environment, an intention that targeted the values based leaders present in the room and beyond. Central to his pledge is the establishment of the AGLN Carbon Forest—an initiative that promises to be a pivotal step in combating carbon emissions from attendees at Aspen Meadows events. This undertaking signifies a tangible commitment to reparation and preservation, reinforcing the belief that the path towards a greener future begins with acknowledging and rectifying the past. Listen to learn more about this commitment to collective action.