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Resnick Aspen Action Forum
10 Years of Impact 

2022 marks the 10th Resnick Aspen Action Forum: the largest annual gathering of Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows, and other distinguished, values-driven leaders at the Aspen Institute. The Action Forum creates spaces for participants to reflect, refresh, and recommit to confronting some of society’s greatest challenges. Over the years, 1,800 leaders from more than 50 countries have joined the gathering and more than 1,500 Action Pledges have been made. Explore reflections from ten years of convening and the stories of impact that have resulted from the gathering.

10 Lessons in Creating Space to Foster Humanistic Leadership:
A Look Under the Hood of the “Aspen Way”

By: Tommy Loper, Vice President, Leadership Programs, Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute was birthed in 1949 at a similar moment of existential threat and uncertainty that many are feeling today. Like then, we believe that the world needs better leaders who can help serve and protect human dignity. We need people in positions of trust and power to lead with values to make better decisions that do more good and commit fewer harms. 

As co-founder and head of the Action Forum, I have spent the last decade deep in this work. Working year-round with the most dedicated and innovative team to experiment, learn, and practice how to create convening experiences that are both personally and socially transformative.

Year over year, we’ve seen the need to reimagine how we try to accomplish really BIG things. The challenges and opportunities that we face today are too great for any one program or organization, and even generations to tackle alone. As the Action Forum and leadership development work at the Aspen Institute evolve, I share this look under the hood with anyone interested in fostering leadership, exploring the relationship between leadership and community, and the art and science of bringing people together for humanistic learning and human-centered impact.