Leading Through the Pandemic of Disinformation

July 26, 2021  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

“Take a moment and think before you decide to forward and share information… one of the things that platforms created is a ruthlessly efficient ability to distribute information… Understand your own role in this efficiency that allows the spread of information to happen.”

– Marla Blow, President & COO, Skoll Foundation

We are living through a time where faith and trust in our institutions – and each other – are actively being eroded. How is the rampant spread of mis/disinformation contributing to that breakdown of trust? What is the role of online platforms in combating it? What about individual users?

Watch this discussion moderated by Vivian Schiller, Executive Director of Aspen Digital, with members of the Aspen Commission on Information Disorder, Yasmin Green, Director of Research and Development at Jigsaw Alphabet and Marla Blow (Henry Crown Fellow), President and COO of Skoll Foundation, and Govindraj Ethiraj (Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellow), Founder-Editor of the data-driven digital news site IndiaSpend to explore ways to fight the pandemic of “truth decay” and breakthrough the fractured landscape of information. 

This conversation took place at the 2021 Resnick Aspen Action Forum’s Opening Plenary on Trust, Conflict, and Polarization. Explore other dialogues on transcending high conflict, trust building, creating equitable communities, and more.