The Environment

Our Journey to Wholeness | Closing Plenary

August 23, 2023  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

“We are in a line of unfolding life that’s billions of years old. And thousands and thousands of people had to love for us to get here because hate is too weak of a power to carry light forward. Then we have to realize that we are the dream of our ancestors come to life. We are now the dreamers who will dream the next generations into being.”

-Sherri Mitchell, Lawyer, Author, Teacher and Indigenous Rights Activist 

As we strive to create the ideal society we want to inhabit, we have to imagine what the society is going to look like? What’s it going to feel like? And how do the inhabitants of that society behave? Then we can begin the process of transforming ourselves. We are only capable of imagining that ideal society if we can become the people that inhabit it. But what do we need to do, feel or realize in order to get there? Delve into these thoughts during a joint keynote featuring Sherri Mitchell, a Lawyer, Author, Teacher and Indigenous Rights Activist, alongside Katharine Wilkinson, a Bestselling Author, Teacher, and Climate Strategist. Also, find inspiration in the commitments from leaders within the AGLN community, followed by a collective sound healing session led by medicine woman, gina Breedlove.