Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Demo Day: Considering the Merits of a COVID-19 Vaccine Credential

May 18, 2021  • Aspen Tech Policy Hub

As more people across the country receive COVID-19 vaccines, there is a growing interest from businesses, schools, and other entities in a mechanism to confirm individuals’ vaccination status before they access areas and services. Groups have proposed a variety of solutions, from digital versions of physical vaccine cards administered by healthcare organizations or private entities to government-issued “health passports.” State-managed digital vaccine credential systems bring up a myriad of privacy, security, ethical questions. Should states create digital vaccine credentials given the widespread implications of doing so?

On May 18th, the leaders of the Aspen Tech Policy Hub and Tech Talent Project’s  Winter 2021 Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Cohort showcased their projects focused on ‘Considering the Merits of a COVID-19 Vaccine Credential.’ Following the presentations, Cyd Harrell, author of ‘A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide,’ gave a keynote address.