Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Demo Day: Embedding Equity in City Broadband Initiatives

October 21, 2021  • Aspen Tech Policy Hub

The City of New York is currently carrying out the largest city-led initiative to close the digital divide in the nation, seeking to provide quality internet service to the 40% of New York City households that do not have both home and mobile broadband. As the City contracts with private companies through this initiative, how can it ensure that companies adhere to digital inclusion principles such as equity, performance, affordability, privacy, and choice?

On October 20, 2021, the leaders of the Aspen Tech Policy Hub and the Tech Talent Project’s Summer 2021 Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Cohort showcased their projects focused on ‘Embedding Equity in City Broadband Initiatives.’ Following the presentations, John Paul Farmer, Chief Technology Officer of the City of New York, gave a keynote address.