Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Government Challenges Demo Day: Balancing Tech Innovation and Oversight in State Governments

May 11, 2021  • Aspen Tech Policy Hub

The State of California’s process for technology project approval and oversight is designed for large, fully-planned technology “projects.” While this thorough process provides assurance to the Legislature and Department of Finance, it creates a cumbersome and slow experience for all stakeholders, ultimately stalling the pace of much-needed innovation. How can the State of California improve its project approval and oversight process to better balance oversight and planning with speed and delivery?

The leaders of the Aspen Tech Policy Hub and the Tech Talent Project’s Winter 2021 Tech Executive Leadership Initiative Cohort showcased their projects focused on ‘Balancing Tech Innovation and Oversight in State Governments.’ Following the presentations, Sonal Shah, Professor of Tech & Society at Georgetown University and Founding Executive Director of the Beeck Center, gave a keynote address.