The Art of Repair Around the World

August 23, 2023  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

“Repair might be a consequence of healing. One might think that one is prepared for a task at a certain moment but when the task comes, it’s more complex, it’s more demanding. But I guess the key is to be able to encompass your inner process of courage, healing, and repair with the work that you’re trying to do on the outside.”

Frank Pearl, Moderator, Instituto Aspen Columbia

The process of repair looks different across communities around the world. Navigating the intricate path is a journey unique to each community, shaped by factors like culture, stories, and the depth of wounds endured. Amidst this complexity, a pivotal question emerges: How can we best equip these communities for the process of healing and restoration?

In an enlightening conversation guided by Heather Sonn, Africa Leadership Initiative – South Africa Fellow and Director of Gamiro Investments, a distinguished group of global leaders comes together to explore this very inquiry. The panel features voices like Hope Azeda, an Africa Leadership Initiative – East Africa Fellow renowned for her role in founding Mashirika Performing Arts & Media Company/Ubumuntu Arts Organization, Ana Maria Mondragón Duque, Deputy Judge of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, and Frank Pearl, a Moderator at the Instituto Aspen Columbia. Also lending insights is Ari Bassin, a Fellow of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As these diverse perspectives converge, the conversation promises to unveil profound insights into the nuanced art of repair.