Family Finances

The Dynamism of Short-Term Savings

November 9, 2020  • Financial Security Program

The health and economic ramifications of COVID-19 have increased the urgency of finding and scaling solutions to boost the financial stability and security of US households. New research from the AARP Public Policy Institute demonstrates that being able to build even modest liquid savings can help buffer individuals in times of financial uncertainty. And new findings from Aspen FSP and the Consumer Insights Collaborative make clear that people’s ability to build, use, and replenish savings helps families be financially resilient against shocks and allows them to invest in family well-being and economic mobility. Together, these studies underscore the critical importance of short-term savings for the financial security of all households, and especially so for low- and moderate-income households. But what are the barriers to building these savings, and how can savings programs, products, and policies support people to build, use, and replenish this critical resource? Join the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program and AARP Public Policy Institute for a digital discussion about these new findings and how to apply their respective lessons to program, product, and policy design.