Agent Orange in Vietnam Program

The Aspen Institute's Agent Orange in Vietnam Program (AOVP) is a multi-year project to help Americans and Vietnamese address the continuing health and environmental impact of herbicides sprayed in Vietnam during the war. More > 

“Today we are here to pay tribute to the joint United States–Vietnamese effort to address the legacy of Agent Orange … [Our goal is] to show that, after so many years, the United States did not ignore this problem. We returned and we are taking care of it … [Another goal is] to improve services for people with disabilities, regardless of the cause, including which may have been caused by Agent Orange.”

U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy- Remarks at the Da Nang Airport Dioxin Remediation Site, April 19, 2014

"On December 16, 2014, President Barack Obama signed into law the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015 (H.R. 83). The Act appropriates funds to address the Agent Orange/ dioxin legacy in Vietnam and provides guidance to the State Department and USAID on how these funds should be spent." 

 To read more regarding this landmark legislation, click here. [Tiếng Việt ] 

  • NEW Charles Bailey on "Delivering Services to People with Disabilities Associated with Exposure to Dioxin in Vietnam" English - Tiếng Việt 
  • Speech by Susan V. Berresford, Convener, U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/ Dioxin, at 2014 Roundtable on Agent Orange, April 21, 2014, Bien Hoa, Vietnam English - Tiếng Việt 
  • U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group - Third Year Report (2013) English - Tiếng Việt 

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The U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin is a bi-national advocacy committee of private citizens, scientists and policy-makers working to draw greater attention to the Agent Orange issue and to mobilize resources. To read the Plan of Action and Annual Reports, click here

Walter Isaacson Susan Berresford Amb. Ha Huy Thong

Walter Isaacson
U.S. Co-Chair

Susan Berresford
Amb. Ha Huy Thong
Vietnam Co-Chair

Charles Bailey (headshot 100x100)Charles Bailey

Charles Bailey joined the Aspen Institute in May 2011 to direct its Agent Orange in Vietnam Program. From 1997 to 2007 he was based in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he headed the Ford Foundation’s grant making in, economic development, international relations, arts and culture, sexuality and reproductive health and higher education. In 1998... More »