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From Enemies to Partners-Vietnam, the U.S. and Agent Orange – NOW IN PRINT

November 8, 2017  • Le Ke Son and Charles R. Bailey

More than four decades after the end of the Vietnam War, the United States and Vietnam are just beginning to address the negative consequences of Agent Orange, the dioxin-contaminated herbicide used during the war. In this groundbreaking book, Le Ke Son and Charles R. Bailey outline the moral reasoning for a fuller American response and present further steps the United States and Vietnam can each take in a joint humanitarian initiative to resolve the legacy of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam. They address the critical issues of whether dioxin pollution still exists in Vietnam, what needs to be done to finish the job of cleanup, how those exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam are affected today, and the impact of Agent Orange on relations between the United States and Vietnam.

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“There are no two people more qualified to speak on this subject than Charles Bailey and Dr. Le Ke Son. Their work has changed lives for the better.”
— Christine Todd Whitman, former governor of New Jersey and administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“[T]o address this legacy and to truly put the war behind us… is the right thing to do for Vietnam… and for a full-fledged and mature relationship between our two countries.”
— Ambassador Ton Nu Thi Ninh, former vice chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, National Assembly of Vietnam

“This is a powerful book about all the problems [Son and Bailey] encountered focusing governments on the task and all that is left to do.”
— Pat Schroeder, former member of Congress from Colorado

“[A] must-read for anyone interested in understanding Agent Orange’s complicated legacy and the way these two nations continue to navigate it.”
— Darren Walker, president, Ford Foundation

“This is exactly the book that is needed to advance the conversations surrounding Agent Orange, dioxin and the legacies of the American War in Vietnam…. This book should be read by leaders, policy makers and all students of wars and their legacies.”
— Dr. Edwin A. Martini, author of Agent Orange: History, Science, and the Politics of Uncertainty

From Enemies to Partners: Vietnam, the U.S. and Agent Orange
Le Ke Son & Charles R. Bailey


About the Authors

INTRODUCTION: The Aftermath of War

ESSAY: How We Got Here and What’s Next

CHAPTER 1.  Is There Still Dioxin Pollution in Southern Vietnam?

CHAPTER 2.  Who Has Been Exposed to Agent Orange/Dioxin, and How Many Victims of Agent Orange Are There in Vietnam?

CHAPTER 3.  Does Dioxin Exposure Lead to Birth Defects and Reproductive Failure?

CHAPTER 4.  Has the Forest Ecology Recovered from the Spraying of Agent Orange?

CHAPTER 5.  What Do Americans Know about Agent Orange, and How Are They Prepared to Help?

CHAPTER 6.  What is Vietnam Doing for the Victims of Agent Orange?

CHAPTER 7.  What Has the United States Done So Far?

CHAPTER 8.  What Do Agent Orange Victims Need?

CHAPTER 9.  Can the Agent Orange Issue Be Resolved through the Courts in the United States or Elsewhere?

CHAPTER 10.  How Has the Bilateral Relation on Agent Orange Changed Over Time, and What Is the Situation Today?

EPILOGUE: The Future of Agent Orange



A1.  What Is Dioxin?

A2.  Government of Vietnam Recent Scientific Research on Agent Orange/Dioxin 2011–2015

A3.  Ford Foundation Grant Recipients Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam Program 2000–2011

A4.  Fifty-Five Years of Agent Orange: Timeline of Key Statements, Decisions and Events 1961–2016