Agent Orange at Dioxin 2017 Symposium, Vancouver

Agent Orange Presentations at Dioxin 2017

  1. charles r. bailey & le ke son abstract: the role of scientific studies in addressing the legacy of agent orange
  2. charles r. bailey & le ke son presentation: The Role of Scientific Studies in Addressing the Legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam
  3. Susan hammond presentation: Identification of Potential Dioxin Hotspots in Laos, with Comparisons to Vietnam
  4. thomas g. Boivin, et al. presentation: Dioxin Concentrations in Fish and Resultant Human Health Risk in Bien Hoa, Vietnam
  5. kevin Sorenson et al. presentation: Full-Scale Thermal Treatment of Agent Orange Dioxins at Danang Airport, Vietnam

About the Dioxin 2017 Symposium

2017 marked the 37th anniversary of the Dioxin Symposia. In 1980 Otto Hutzinger organized the first symposium in Rome. Since then annual symposia have been held in cities around the world. Over the last 37 years there have been major advances in the analytical determination and the understanding of the transport, fate and toxic behavior of dioxin and related halogenated persistent organic pollutants (POPs). These symposia are the most significant gathering of scientists presenting recent scientific results on both legacy and emerging pollutants.