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Upcoming Event – 2015 Financial Security Summit

July 13, 2015  • Institute Contributor

The Financial Security Summit is the flagship convening of Aspen IFS. Held each July at Aspen’s campus in Aspen Meadows, Colorado, the Summit has earned a reputation as a rare type of convening where leaders with diverse political leanings can engage in dialogue that is respectful and intellectually deep.

The summit agenda is tailored each year to draw on the unique areas of expertise of its participants, with the goal of shining new light on areas of consensus in the policies that will make a difference for Americans who need greater financial security. The Summit gathers a diverse set of 40 to 50 expert participants to bring new attention to the topic of how best to build the financial security of all Americans.

In addition, the Summit seeks to include special sessions that feature prominent political leaders from the Administration, Congress, local and state government. The working theme for this year’s Financial Security Summit is “Reimagining Financial Security: Managing Risk and Building Wealth in an era of Increasing Income Inequality and Volatility.”


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