New Futuro

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

New Futuro provides Latino families with the knowledge, guidance and the professional social network they need to get their students into college and beyond. By becoming members of New Futuro, parents and students gain access to free, bilingual resources and community connections to help them create and work a step-by-step plan to get into college. We enhance the probability of success by connecting our members with local non-profits and educational institutions via our online community and neighborhood outreach efforts. Although New Futuro is very active in Latino communities across the U.S. via our national outreach tours, the primary access point is New Futuro’s bilingual website. The site is designed to help Latino families explore education and career options, create education-career plans and build a social network that can help them achieve their education-career goals. It is designed to provide the critical resources and social capital needed to ensure the next generation of Latinos prosper throughout their education-career journey. Our approach is unique because we go directly to Latino families and we unite different organizations with separate interests around a common cause. We complement and enhance the work of local and national community organizations and educational institutions by leveraging the skills and resources of the business sector. We believe that by working together, we can create the sustainable change needed to help Latinos prosper at the national, local and household level.

To learn more, contact Pete Wilkins.