The Turnaround Zone – A School Turnaround Strategy That Places Children First

January 20, 2011  • Education Innovation Forum and Expo

The After-School Corporation and Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility are collaborating to create the Turnaround Zone, where urban public schools are transformed. Through an expanded learning day, students gain a minimum of 60 extra school days per year. TZone creates the time and conditions for schools to deliver personalized and innovative approaches to learning. Through social and emotional learning, students strengthen the full range of interpersonal and leadership skills they need to perform to the peak of their abilities.

Each school teams up with a community organization to expand learning time and opportunities. Teachers and community educators work side-by-side to deliver innovative learning opportunities (e.g., social studies through the arts, project-based science learning, math through game development, intensive tutoring and advanced math instruction). All TZone staff receive professional development to support delivery of Morningside Center’s 4Rs curriculum which incorporates social and emotional learning and language arts. TZone leadership teams lead a shift of school culture critical for children to learn, enjoy learning and strive for higher achievement.

TZone aims to revitalize the academic pathways to success for the nation’s neediest students in the lowest performing schools. This approach sets the stage for national policy change and sets students on a course to achieve success in high school, college, work and life.

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