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NextGen Network: Aspen Central Europe, January 2019

The Aspen Institute Central Europe, in partnership with the Aspen Institute network of International Partners, will host the NextGen Network in Prague in January 2019, the third workshop in the network supported by Microsoft.

The NextGen workshop will gather generation thinkers and leaders, researchers, experts, entrepreneurs and state administration representatives to discuss the underlying values and principles that need to be respected in order to deliver ethical AI in society and how can we leverage AI to address societal challenges.

The sessions will be led by Aleksandra Przegalińska, Kozminiski University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alžběta Krausová, Czech Academy of Sciences.  The workshop will be opened by Pavel Kysilka, 6D Academy, who will accompany the group throughout the workshop in a role of a mentor and commentator.

The NextGen Network series, entitled Building the Future: Addressing the opportunities and challenges of an AI-enabled world, serve as active workshops to create a feedback mechanism for the informed perspectives of millennials on how societies should prepare themselves to respond to new technologies and inform policy discussions at the local and international level.

Event information
Wed Jan 23, 2019
Aspen Institute Central Europe
Prague, Czech Republic