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NextGen Network: Mexico City, October 2018

Today, technology presents enormous opportunities but definite challenges. As contemporary society faces a reality of machine learning and quantum computing; it is critical to address several opportunities and challenges of AI. How can we manage societal disruptions to the world of work? How do we deliver ethical AI in society, and leverage AI to address societal challenges?

This invitation-only workshop was the first in a global series across the Aspen Institute network of International Partners to bring together 15-20 future leaders across technology, business, policy, journalism and civil society in Mexico to discuss the NextGen perspective on the impact of technology on society hosted by Aspen Mexico. Read more about the NextGen Network members here.

Read the key takeaways from the workshop here.

The NextGen Network series, entitled Building the Future: Addressing the opportunities and challenges of an AI-enabled world, serve as active workshops to create a feedback mechanism for the informed perspectives of millennials on how societies should prepare themselves to respond to new technologies and inform policy discussions at the local and international level.

Event information
Thu Oct 18, 2018
2:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
Aspen Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico