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Disrupting the Consumer Debt Market: Harnessing AI’s Power for Social Impact


About this event

We will explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence to fundamentally transform the relationship between financially vulnerable Americans and consumer debt.

With Americans relying on greater amounts of debt than ever to maintain their lifestyles, not just pursue their dreams, great care is needed to ensure that debt is helping, not harming consumers. And while AI and Machine Learning present potential to extend financial services to under-served populations, certain factors such as algorithmic bias have been shown to generate unintended consequences.

Our keynote speaker, the poet and documentary filmmaker Monda Webb, will frame our conversation with her powerful perspective on the impact – both good and bad – technology has had on historically marginalized populations. Our conversation will then pull in the product designers, computer scientists, and market drivers who ultimately develop and scale the technologies that will shape the relationship consumers have with their debts in the future.



Nick MaynardSenior Vice President, Commonwealth




Jason Liu, Chief AI Architect, Cinch Financial




Monda Raquel Webb, Senior Project Manager, EarnUp 




Avni Shah, Assistant Professor in Marketing, University of Toronto





Joanna Smith-RamaniManaging Director, the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program




This event is part of Boston FinTech Week 2018: Moving Beyond Volatility

Fasten your seatbelts! Volatility is back and we don’t just mean in the markets. Join us for an exciting week diving deep and interacting with experts building robust tech for financial services. Founded and organized by FinTech Sandbox and Boston FinTech Meetup with sponsorship from Arizona Commerce Authority, The Cutler Center at Babson College, Eastern Bank, Envestnet Yodlee, EY Foundry, F-Prime Capital, Goodwin, General Assembly, McCarter & English, Moody’s Analytics, OpenFin, Radius Bank, Quovo, Silicon Valley Bank, and TransUnion, Wells Fargo. Explore events at

Event information
Thu Sep 13, 2018
4:00pm - 5:30pm EDT
Cinch Financial
24 School St.
Boston, MA 02108