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First Movers Summit 2019

The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program hosted the fifth First Movers Summit in Pacific Grove, CA on October 3-6, 2019. This Summit was a particularly exciting opportunity to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the First Movers Fellowship Program.


  • Connect: Build lasting bonds across the classes of Fellows and network with experts in the field.
  • Collaborate: Explore how Fellows working on similar challenges can share insights and work together for greater impact.
  • Learn: Reinforce skills acquired in First Movers seminars and gain experience with new ones. Engage in dialogue with peers, business leaders and academic experts to work through challenges.
  • Inspire: Strengthen the courage, motivation and support you need to grow personally and professionally.
  • Envision: Take time to reflect, prioritize and plan. Think deeply about the future of your career, your industry and the impact you want to have on the world.


Event information
Thu Oct 3, 2019 - Sun Oct 6, 2019
Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, CA