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Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace Seminar Info Session

Humane leadership requires recognizing and incorporating the unique identities, backgrounds, and experiences everyone brings to their places of work. Values-based leaders know how to create spaces for everyone to bring their full selves to the workplace when building out and/or working with their teams, nurturing their success.

With a primary focus on racial equity, the Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace Seminar explores the contours of identity in ways that build more self-aware individuals and stronger and more effective teams. This virtual seminar will take place fall 2022. Dates are coming soon. 

On May 18 at 12:00PM ET, join this information session to learn more about the seminar experience, expected outcomes, and have a chance to get any of your questions answered.

This Seminar is recommended for individuals seeking to:

  • advance diversity, equity and inclusion in their teams or at their organization
  • expand their understanding of the complicated role of identity in existing organizational and social structures
  • engage in thoughtful listening so as to incorporate diverse perspectives in their personal and professional lives
  • improve their ability to hold and/or participant in in difficult conversations around race, gender, sexuality, and religion
  • develop more diverse professional networks

Participants leave the seminar with:

  • a deeper appreciation for the formation and expression of their own identities and the identities of those with whom they interact
  • a greater awareness of the systemic benefits and/or injustices experienced by others in both historical and contemporary contexts
  • a more sophisticated understanding of and consensus about what racial equity means in theory and in practice
  • an enhanced ability to communicate on sensitive issues including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexuality, and religion
  • strategies for leading, working with, developing, and working in diverse teams
Event information
Wed May 18, 2022
12:00pm - 12:30pm EDT