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Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace Seminar Info Session

Humane leadership requires recognizing and incorporating the unique identities, backgrounds, and experiences everyone brings to their places of work. Values-based leaders know how to create spaces for everyone to bring their full selves to the workplace when building out and/or working with their teams, nurturing their success. With a primary focus on racial equity, the Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace Seminar explores the contours of identity in ways that build more self-aware individuals and stronger and more effective teams.

Have questions before you apply? Join us for an information session where you’ll learn more about the seminar experience, expected outcomes, and have a chance to get any of your questions answered.

Learn more about the seminar taking place on its program page here.

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Wed Feb 9, 2022
12:30pm - 1:00pm EDT